Getting Around Atlanta

Getting around Atlanta can be done with various modes of transportation and the first and most available is a person's feet. Over the last ten years many improvements have been made so that people wishing to walk to some great destinations can do so much easier. Travelers will have a wide choice of restaurants, bars and shops to choose from. Spending 10 to 20 minutes of walk time will get you to some great areas in Atlanta such as: Midtown, Downtown, Buckhead, and Decatur to name a few.

MARTA Network – Rail and Bus
If walking is not for you then you could consider MARTA, which stands Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. This consists of a network of both subway rails and buses covering 48 square miles. Marta is a safe alternative to walking and it also offers services and accommodations for persons with disabilities. Marta operates primarily within the boundaries of Fulton and DeKalb counties. Persons who normally ride bikes to get around will also find that the Marta system allows bicycles on both the rail and bus networks that they provide.

If you need transportation from the airport to your destination you will have no problem in locating a taxi. Unlike in some cities where you need to hail a taxi you will notice that taxis are lined up at each terminal at the airport you are at. You will also notice that taxis will be lined up and ready at some of the larger hotels and at some major events held in Atlanta. If you are not at some of these locations and you still need a taxi it will be very easy to find phone numbers to several taxicab companies in the phone book.

Rental Cars
If you decide that you want to travel by your navigation there are many rental car companies located all over the city and at the airport if that is where you arrive. If you are at the airport and that is where you will be renting a car from you can take CONRAC sky train to the rental car complex. It normally costs less to rent a vehicle at a non-airport facility and there are many choices and locations downtown that you can get to by using the Marta transportation system. You can also contact rental companies before your arrival and have a representative pick you up at the airport and then transport you to their office to complete your rental agreement. In most cases they will also transport you back to the airport for your departure.